6 Essential Healthy Choice

Francis Morilao

We are the one whos responsible for our own health, and having a good choice matters most. Take this six (6) essential lists .



Boost Your Brainpower
The vitamins in vegetables give our brains a boost.
Eat different colors of veggies to get variety of vitamins and minerals.


Build Healthy Bones
The calcium in dairy products helps children to build strong bones and prevents osteoporosis in the old.
Choose low-fat, unflavored milk, yogurt or laban.

Whole grains

Stay Fuller Longer
Whole grains like brown bread and brown rice release energy slowly, helping us to lose weight as we don’t feel hungry.
Whole grains also fight constipation and aid digestion.


Eat Yourself Strong
The protein in lean meat and fish helps our bodies to build muscles and to repair tissue.
If possible, cook meat and fish without adding extra oil or fat.


Keep you Healthy and support many of the body functions
Choose unsaturated oils and fats line canola, sunflower, avocado and olive over saturated fats like butter and ghee.
Healthy oils lower our cholesterol and help protect the heart.


Protect Your Body
Fruits are the healthiest snacks around and rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that boost our immune system.
Eat a rainbow of colors for the most benefit.


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